DO NOT throw me out!

Heirlooms - what are they exactly?  Some I have are quite valuable, some are not at all of value to anyone else.  As it is new years day, I usually spend some time cleaning and clearing, filling a bag or two for vinnies along the way.  Today I came across a lovely box that I bought on a trip to Italy in Sorento, its perfect for rings on the bed-side table.

It occurred to me that this is an heirloom, something I would not like my family to throw out! 
And that is my criteria from now on, if it is of value to me and not to ever be thrown out, then its an heirloom.

As I store all the family history in the Legacy program, I have decided to use it to store information about the family heirlooms I know about or own.  Its easy,

Step 1 : Create a tag for Heirloom, just use one you have not used before.  You don't have to do anything to do this, but I suggest creating a list on your computer of what tag means what, here is mine:

All that tags do is enable you to sort for specific information in the Legacy program.
Here is a good link if you want a bit more information about tags :

But, my best tip is to click on the "Help" link in the top menu, and in the Search box put "Tags" and from the list of Help articles select "Tagging Records".  Read, and read again......

Step 2 : As I come across heirlooms, I am going to create an event called  "Heirloom".  This is as easy as going to the relevant person,  clicking on ADD, and then (for me) clicking on the tag number 5 - see what I mean below:

This opens a box to add all the information you want kept about the heirloom.  What information you decide to keep is all up to you, but here is what I suggest:

  1. Who first came across or purchased the heirloom
  2. When
  3. Where
  4. Cost, if known (interesting to see just how this changes over time.)
  5. Where it is currently kept, and by whom
  6. What is the story of this heirloom? 
  7. Take some photos of it and upload them.
  8. Don't forget to take photos of valuations, certificates etc. associated with the object in question.
Once you have done this, its easy to generate a list of heirlooms. (I'll post more later)

Whilst doing some research recently on heirlooms, I came across this great site.  I found the way the heirlooms' story's were described wonderful, and have tried to do similar.  Hope you enjoy it:
More information here :   or

And one last word ...........
No heirloom of humankind captures the past

 as do art and language

Theodore Bikel



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