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Speaking of British Newspapers

Here is a link to a FREE WEBINAR on British Newspapers THIS FRIDAY Sydney time.
Hopefully I will be awake enough to watch it and will post any tips I find later.


Here are some hints I picked up from the webinar.
Do an Advanced Search for general terms such as "immigration"or "immigrant ship" and tick "illistrated" and the year your ancestor travelled, you may find some interesting pictures.Take a look at the "Illustrated London News" of 22nd January 1949 for a comprehensive view of imigration through the last 100 years.Do a search for "emigration" and "immigration", "assisted emigration" , "assisted immigration"  and  "intending immigrants" around the year your ancestors traveled for advertisements for immigration.Do a search for the name of the ship your ancestor travelled on, you may find a passenger list.  Also search for keyword (name of the ship) and surname.  Narrow down your d…

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