Wedding gowns are the prettiest of all

When I was trying to date my photo, I concentrated on UK resources, because I knew that was where the photo was from.  But what resources are there for Australia?   Well, I found a couple:

The wonderful POWERHOUSE MUSEUM  has a fantastic collection of photos of hats and clothing.


I found this picture of  hats from Powerhouse Museum’s collection along with hat boxes and display stands. These hats were made between 1900s and the 1960s and all but one were made in Australia.  How wonderful they are.

The easiest thing to do, is to search the categories here :

Click on the category you want to look at (eg clothing), and then on the right hand side you can narrow the search even further, just click on what you to see.
Make sure you click on images only too.

This example may help:

I had forgotten how important the powerhouse is, just like the V & A it documents, collects and saves our more recent history.  I remember as a young girl, being taken to a millinery supplies shop.  It was below ground level, and my mother would walk along a wonderful line of small bins, and pick the supplies for a new hat.  I thought it was magical, as I had never seen so many feathers and sparkles in my life. 
A surprising source came from the Australian Dress Register, an initiative of the Powerhouse Museum.  Take a look here:
I particularly loved the wedding dresses, and this might come in handy for photos.
Here are two very different wedding photos I have in my 'collection', that certainly show the changing styles.

My mum, myself and little sister at cousin Maureen's wedding in the 1960's.
 (mum made our dresses & head pieces)

The wedding of my niece in 2006

After all there is something about a wedding-gown
 prettier than in any other gown in the world. 
 ~Douglas William Jerrold


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