There are many more want-to-be writers out there than good editors.

Honey, could you proof read this for me?...............
Those were the words I said to my husband early this week. 

Now I am not so sure I should have.

Legacy prints out a 'book' which is not a narative, but really a research report.  It pulls all the information in the Legacy program, excluding the pictures together.  What I want my husband to do is find the holes, the bits that are overlapping and repeated, and the inconsistencies for me so that I can go back and re-examine them.  Perhaps I did not explain this to him very well.
Conversations have been going along the lines as follows:

"You have two different birth dates for this person"
"What do you mean?"
"Well you have 1940 and 1856"
"That can't be, where are the dates"
"One is listed in the birthdate field, the other is in the census"

What came after that was a whole discussion about how people lie about their age, that census people dont always bother to put the right thing, that sourcing is absolutely vital.  It brings me back to one of my original posts about listing sources.  Its important to make sure you list your sources, and that is why I find Legacy so good. 


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