Some resources for dating photographs

Here are some resources I have found for dating photographs, particularly dress styles and hair styles:

TROVE - check out the advertisements for the fashion of the day in Australia.

INTERNET GENEALOGY - has an excellent article that can help.

Metropolitan Museum of Art - search for fashion from the decades you are interested in

VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEIUM - search using the options.
- Read about the different eras of fashion

Nancy J Price - This blogger has listed many resources that can widen your search.

FAMILY CHRONICAL - Lots of photos that can help, and a link to their excellent book.

FIND MY PAST - has an good article to read, including examples by photos.

FAMILY SEARCH - Good article and even more resources.

DATING A UK PHOTO - A great site that lists the types of poses used in different decades.  It also shows the backs of photos.

DATING AUSTRALIAN PHOTOS -  NSW Archives have some fantastic information that can narrow down your Australian photos - Great starting point.

- Great step by step article about dating photos
 Get help with photos -

Just a last note, I love this photo, hope you do too.  I have no idea who it is, only that it was in my mother's old photos, so is likely to be of the HEARD family member, there are a few clues in it to help dating however.


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