Yes we do have we don't!

I'm in Melbourne at present working, and I would have loved to have followed up on a lead I had about my Great, Great, Grandfather.  His name was Clark, and he lived in Bendigo, according to his will he owned quite a bit of property at the time of his death.  Being a builder, he must have purchased land to build on and then onsold it.  At one time he owned most of the land in Wattle Street Bendigo.  Some of the buildings still stand today.  He was involved in building the historic Bendigo Post Office as well.

So I assumed that when he died there would have been an obituary of his death.  At the very least, an announcement.  Well, there may have been, but I will never know.  I contacted the Victorian Library in Melbourne to see if they had copies of the Bendigo paper for around the time he died.  They found they did, but not for a 6 month period, including his death date right in the middle.

I learned a lesson - always check that some records exist before setting off on a journey to view those records!  

task # 5
So here is a task for you.  Start an excel spreadsheet and label the tabs with the names of some sites you may want to visit to do research.  Start jotting down in columns what you want to know, year, what type of source document you want to look at , and where you think it is.  Here is an example:
Site : Melbourne Library.
Joseph Clark,  DOB , 1850, announcement, Bendigo newspaper.

Once you have either the time to go, or a few things to research, send the site an email and check to see if they have what you are after, particularly for the time you are researching before you go.

Get started on your list now, it will grow quite large quite soon!


  1. This is a fabulous blog, and I have bookmarked you. You have listed so many useful tips and sites I can hardly wait to try some of them. My interest in my Australian heritage was beginning to wane, but now I feel I'm ready to tackle it again.....thanx for a great site.......

    Annette .......

    1. Thanks Annette, I hope you enjoy looking into your Australian family and that I can help along the way.


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