Because it keeps coming back to you....

Well, finally my first real blog, and why Genealogy Boomerangs? 

Because every time I put something out there about family history or genealogy it comes back, often 10 fold.  I tell someone a tip I have found, or a piece of information, or where I found some information and it starts a great conversation.  I end up learning more than I ever taught someone else. Of course, its very Australian as well.

And that is what I find fun about family history research, its the kindnesss and generosity of everyone I come across along the way.  A friend of mine has a saying - Thats gold!  And thats how I feel about all the things everyone has given me along this journey, they are precious pieces of jewelery that fit onto our family tree.

 I'll give you an example, I put a post many months ago onto Rootsweb.  It is a picture that I am trying to identify.  That led a cousin that I did not know about to notice it, he emailed me and now I have a cousin in England.  More than that, he is doing family history as well, so we have expanded each others information.
Thats gold!

I'm going to use this blog to give you tips that I have learned, hopefully save you some time and effort and help you get started on your family tree from Australia.


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