Back to Uni I go...

I have been looking at the myriad of  courses in family history.  Many seem extremely expensive, others of little formal value.  I recently found some courses at the Uni of Tasmania, so university level courses, and FREE. It is only available to Australians however (no international students) Below are the links:

They are all part of the  Diploma of Family History, from the University Arts faculty.
I've enrolled in the Introduction Course and will blog about my journey so everyone can get a sense of what is involved. I've done uni courses before, so that should give me a head start in some ways, at least I know how to sight sources!!

Pre Week 1 - Enrolement

To enroll in the course is quite simple, you go to one of the links above and fill out a short survey.  If you have been to uni before you need the information, including student number, on hand.  The course runs for 12 weeks, is fully online, (so you need a computer) and has no final exam.  I will need to submit work throughout the course to pass.  Included with the course is access to library addition, so that's a bonus.

 Here is what the Uni says about the unit:

Introduction to Family History is designed for people interested in their own family histories or genealogy in general. You will learn how to plan efficiently and record accurately your family history using family history research principles and practices. The unit will teach you how to critically evaluate a range of online family history resources for accuracy and reliability. You will also learn how to communicate your findings in clear writing that is accurately referenced. Interactive Discussion Forums will enable you to communicate with fellow students as you embark upon the research journey.
You may be surprised at what you discover and the new connections you make with relatives and friends.
This unit is one of a suite available for people interested in researching their family history.
 So I've filled out the form and now I'm waiting for the reply and acceptance details!


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