I love my search function....

One of the reasons I like the Legacy program for holding all my information is the search function.
On the weekend Ancestry had the 1911 English census available for free, so here is how I used this function to narrow down who to look for.

First click on search at the top of the page

Then click on the Census List tab

Its a simple process
  1. Choose the country - in this case United Kingdom
  2.  Choose the Place - you can narrow it down to a county like Surrey, or simply put United Kingdom.
  3. Choose the census year - 1911
  4. Choose the date - 1911
  5. Exclude individuals from the search who already have the census in their information.
  6. Tick the box underneath to narrow the search down even further.  This will exclude people not living in the census area. - I start by not doing this to see what I get.
  7. Click on create a search
 You will then get a list of people likely to be in the 1911 English census that looks a bit like this:

 You can use this list and work through each person, usually I start with the males, as these are heads of household.  Other options are to create to do lists, or to print the list out as a report.  Which you choose depends upon how much time you have I think.  You will always have the odd person in the list that does not fit the criteria exactly, but I have found it to be 99% accurate.

Here is one of the 1911 census forms I found, it turned out not to be my ancestor, but that's genealogy for you!

Hope this little tip helps you with some of your searching online!  Remember, if you are trying to choose a program to use for your genealogy, look at what type of searching options it has that may help you.



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