A great webinar

This is just a quick post about a great webinar that is available on familytreewebinars.com.

I have found a lot of webinars to be more about promoting someone or something, rather than helping or educating me in genealogy.  This one was very different!  It is a webinar by Liza Alzo (www.lisaalzo.com)   called 10 ways to jumpstart your family history narrative.  I'm not a writer (knew that already?) and I have found it quite difficult to get started on a 'book' or narrative of my family.

The webinar has really easy and useful tips and is well worth watching.  Its aimed very much at people like me who are beginners. It is available only by subscription now.  You can find it at familytreewebinars.com, or by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy it and have some fun, and thank you Liza for your generous help for us amateurs.

If you want to see me first attempt at a "book" take a look at: scribid .   I definitely now have to re-write this after looking at Liza's webinar.


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