New Free to Download for your research

Whats new on the Free Download page?

Firstly, a tip sheet with 10 POWER SEARCH TIPS FOR TROVE, print it out and put it on the wall near your computer for quick and easy reference!

Next, a RESEARCH LOG that will help keep you on track!

And don't forget my guide to getting the most out of TROVE


  1. I just read through your TROVE book and it was great! I'm already familiar with how to use the website, so wasn't really concerned with the detailed steps, but some key takeaways for me are lists and also searching for names as "derek whitten" and "whitten, derek". This is something I haven't considered before, so I will need to go back and do some more searching for ancestors I haven't been able to locate. I've bookmarked this for reference next time I'm visiting TROVE!

    1. Thanks Derek, I'm glad you found something new! We are so lucky to have TROVE and that earlier generations put everything into the newspaper.

  2. Thanks for this, I use Trove constantly and have many lists. Your detailed layout of all the features is excellent. During FHM I'm doing a presentation on a wide range of newspaper sites so I've bookmarked this to recommend to attendees.

    1. So glad you liked it, and if you have any suggestions for improvement etc. love to hear them. Using newspapers is a critical skill for researchers to have, so I hope your presentation goes well. I have found TROVE much easier than the English sites. I must admit, I am addicted to lists!!


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