Get the most out of a free weekend

When Ancestry has a free weekend, I find I have a lot to research and very little time, so here are my hints for getting the most out of the limited time.

 I have a folder in my pictures folder called "AA TO BE DONE" where I download documents that have to be checked and researched.  I label them with DATE, NAME, DOCUMENT - eg. 1781.William Woodbury.Gosford Pioneer Register. That way I can come back the them later easily.  It does not really matter what you call them, just as long as YOU understand it!

So here are my tips:
  1. Download documents (as jpg files) to your computer and look at them later.
  2. Add them to your ancestry tree - you can always delete them from there if you have it wrong.
  3. DONT put a record into your own computer file as fact until you are sure it is - save it for looking at later.  Always document your sources.
  4. Sort your hints in Ancestry to make it easier to group them together - do this by
  •  Go to "View people with hints":

  • Decide whether you want to look at records, stories or photos - I go to photos first. Choose what you want to look at:
  •  Click on "Filter by name":, then "Last name"

5. Work on your "main" families first.  It's easy to go off on a tangent, so decide what is important and work on that family first.  Or maybe you have a research aim at present - work on that first.

Get the most out of a free weekend by focusing in on what you what to achieve and have some fun!


  1. Good tips! If you add a resource to your Ancestry tree, do you need to be a paying member to view the Ancestry tree at a later date?

  2. Great question Derek, there are two ways to save to Ancestry family tree, save the record and the information and citation goes onto your tree and can be retrieved at any time. This only gives you limited information, if you save the document to your tree into your gallery you can then retrieve the document itself at any time. Hope this answers your question.


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