Week 2 - Intro to family history

Week two is a continuation of orientation and  starts off with enrolling in a discussion group, they are split according the experience level, you need to consider both your uni and family history experience, then pick one and enrolled.

This has started lots of discussions, and some lucky people have even made family connections!   I even had one of the participants refer to my free E-book "getting the most out of Trove"  If you are having a bit of trouble with the link just try again in a week and it should all be fixed!

Already I can see that ethics will be a hot topic somewhere along the way.  There is also a practice dropbox (submitting an assignment) and practice with email in this weeks work.

Do a quiz to test your comprehension, get involved with your groups discussions, and complete a quick checklist to make sure you have everything covered and you are finished this weeks work!  But the discussions still go on, and they are very interesting.  Make sure you continue to be involved in them.  There are a few other bloggers in the course which will expand my horizons I think.


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