Free E book - Getting the most out of Trove

TROVE  is a fantastic resource for genealogists in Australia.  It contains BILLIONS of pieces of information, and the most commonly used resource is Australian newspapers online.

One of the joys of genealogy is being able to share what you find with others.  I found Trove both easy to navigate, but also a little frustrating to try to search, and have learned a bit along the way.  This is why I have written a new E-book for you to download for free: GETTING THE MOST OUT OF TROVE .

This free E book will help you get started, give you some power searching tips and advanced searching strategies, as well as help you engage with Trove and the Trove community. 
Download your copy and get started today. 

How happy I was to find this obituary from the Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate!  (What a name)  1924.  The information about Godfrey and his family was not only very interesting, but also illuminating.   I always wondered where my father's athleticism came from, and like many obits, this one gave a lot of information about the family - that side of the tree is growing.


  1. Thanks Barbara. This is a great book. I love the way you have used graphics throughout to make your instructions very clear. Appreciate your sharing this book with other genies!

  2. Barbara, as I was working my way through the instructions in your book today, I came across an interesting article about one of my great-uncles. I have blogged about my find and acknowledged your help at "An amazing TROVE find about an amazing man, Carew NORTHCOTE (1879-1937)":

    1. What an interesting man he was Maria! Glad my E book helped to find out more about him. Barb


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