's 12 month FFF challenge - My #`1 tip for using TROVE

The third  of’s 12 Months of Fascinating Family Finds: August - How I found my Stettler family on

My grandmother's name was Lillian Gertrude Stettler before she married, and I knew the Stettler family lived in Parramatta, because two uncles are buried in the historical churchyard in Parramatta.  So recently I did a search on TROVE for "Stettler", and this is where I found the WW1 diary I recently blogged about, along with 3,573 newspaper results!  In one, I found a picture of  Private John Harold Stettler.  What a find!

 So this is my #1 tip when using TROVE:

Most of the  large number of results seemed to be about the family, with many of them sporting results.  After looking at a few, I quickly realised I needed to have some kind of system to sort them all out as I did not want to copy quite a lot of the sporting results to my system, but I did not want to lose them.

This is when I discovered LISTS on TROVE.  I think that Lists are the best feature of TROVE, because they allow you to group similar items together any way you want.  All you need to do is sign up, and log in and you can get started.  Sign up is on the top right corner of the screen, and easy peasy!

I just want to remind you, YOU CAN CALL LISTS ANYTHING YOU LIKE!  Sort out the information you are gathering in any way that is logical to you.  I started with one list : STETTLER, and soon realised that I needed more, so I went with:
STETTLER BDM  - for all those Births, Deaths, Funeral, In Memorandum, and Marriage notices. 
GODFREY STETTLER - Wow was he a sportsman.  Athletics, Boxing, Cricket, Rugby, etc...
LOL STETTLER - Athletics and Cricket
JOHN STETTLER SNR - for all the court cases!
STETTLER SPORTING - for all those I am not sure of.

To find out all about TROVE LISTS and how to add anything from the web to a LIST,  just download my E-book for free: GETTING THE MOST OUT OF TROVE .

It's just amazing what was in the newspapers way back when my ancestors were alive.  Court cases, announcements, local happenings, gossip,  divorce announcements, you name it!  And TROVE has lots of 'local' newspapers, I found quite a lot in  "The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate (Parramatta, NSW : 1888 - 1950)"  You have to love those fruitgowers.

Along the way I discovered my Great Grandmother was into advertising (endorsing) Kidney Pills,  one of my Great Uncles was a very compassionate man, he raised money for unfortunate people and offered his help and spare room to a mother and child who were homeless, and also that John suffered from shell shock after the war, and lots more.  I also found a court case of one of my G Aunts, who at age 10 was raped.  Shocking!  Now I want to try and track down the transcript of the case.  Because the first thing I did was put all these into a list I can easily find them again.  

Finding things later is easy, because not only can you put them in a list, you add a comment about each item along the way.  I usually put in a name and something about the item  (e.g. "Isabella Stettler, Doone Kidney Pills advert").  The more explanation you use the easier it is to find things again.



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