Northern Ireland records on video

PRONI (Public records of Northern Ireland) have uploaded their lecture series for free.
"To help you start exploring your genealogy, PRONI ran a ten-week lecture series, exploring some of the key archival sources you can use to trace your family history."
 PRONI has a great YouTube channel, and the archives hold some very rare and valuable material.

It's a great resource if you have family links to Northern Ireland, and covers :
  • Getting started
  • Street Directories
  • Church Records
  • WW1
  • Education Records
  • Workhouse records
  • Valuation Records
  • Landed Estates
  • Court, Prison records
  • How to use the General Register Office
Each one has been done by an expert in the field and you can find the links here.

Northern Ireland family can be very hard to find, and often you need a trip to Ireland to do any in depth research.  We went back to where my family came from a couple of years ago.  At Ballymoney I found out that the family was involved in the linen trade in the area, certainly something I would not have known otherwise. Below is a picture of an 1820 loom used during the 18th and 19th centuries to produce rolls of linen.  I cannot image what it must have been like, and no wonder my G Grandfather became a barber in Belfast in 1876!

PRONI's You Tube channel link is here.  I recommend you spend some time viewing the videos for help and inspiration, but be prepared you will get the travel bug!!


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