Local knows best.

I'm feeling soooo fabulous after having a wonderful foot massage and facial yesterday.  It was a present from my husband for our last aniversary.  There is a dayspa near us called Inspa and I have always wanted to try it out.  Now I think I will be a regular.  It was just so relaxing, and great for my skin.

I have had facials in the past, and the next day my skin has not really looked a lot better, but very different this time.  They use only their own skincare range that is certified organic.  It has no, junk' in it, and does feel quite different when it goes on.  But my skin this morning is wonderfully calm and even-looking.  They gave me a daily serum to use, so I think I will try it out, and if it works on my skin I could be back for the whole range of moisturisers.

Got me thinking about what people did in the olden days.  I know during the war/depression in Australia there was not much around. 

Anyway, brings me to what I wanted to blog on, there is an exhibition in Bendigo from 10th November  2010 to 14th March 211.  Click here for a link to the page with all the information.  If you have family from Bendigo (which I have) it sounds like a great opportunity to see what their life was like and where they may have lived.  I'm going to make a great effort to be down there during this time.

Here is a picute of the Bendigo Post Office Gallery in renevation stage.

Post Office Gallery - March 2010 - during construction

Brings me to a task for you.  #7

If you have family links with early towns or places in Australia, find their local history society in that town or area.  They will have a lot of information that you may not be able to find anywhere else.  The best way to find that information is to ring them, see when they are open and then visit.  If you cant do that, then email and phone is probably the next option.  Give it a go and see what you find.

Here is a link to the home page for Australian local historical societies. 
Here is a link to Victorian resources.
OR just go go Google and search for the name of the town and historical society.
Most  even have some resources on line, depending upon the state.  So start digging for gold now!


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