The UK 1921 census is coming!

 The UK 1921 census is coming next year and the National Archives of UK and Find My Past are having two webinars that will help you when looking for your ancestors.

If your ancestors came from England or Wales this is exciting news.  Unfortunately it will not be free, Find My Past have partnered with National Archives UK to digitise all the material.  
The 1921 census was taken on the 19th of June 1921 at a time when the population for England and Wales stood at over 37 million. It is a critical piece of information because the 1931 census was destroyed by fire, and the 1941 census was cancelled due to WW2.  So the 1921 census is the key peice of history until 1951.
The 1921 census gives greater detail than any previous census. In addition to the questions asked in the 1911 census, the 1921 census included more information about the profession and branch within it. It asked what materials they worked in, place of work and their employer’s name. For those over the age of 15 information about marital status, including if divorced was given. For those under 15 the census recorded whether both parents were alive or if either or both parents had died. It also had detailed questions on education including whether you were in full-time or part-time education.
The first webinar will be on 8th January - find out more information here
The second on the same day, straight after the first - find out more information here
Register now and get ready for the release in 1922.  The launch date by findmypast is 6th January 2022 and you will need a membership to findmypast to access it, plus you will need to pay for each census page you view.    I plan to just research some immediate family initially as it could end up being quite expensive.  My mother's family left England in 1922, so they should be in the census.
What about Ireland and Scotland?  Scotland took their own census in 1921 and this is being digitised and will be released through Scotland People later in 1922.  The 1921 Census was not taken in Ireland due to the Irish War of Independance.  Censuses in Ireland and Northern Ireland were conducted in 1926.


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