Amazing what you find in Books!

I found an exceptional book on TROVE recently.  Pointed out by one of the people on a Facebook page.  It is AUSTRALIAN FIGHTING SONS OF THE EMPIRE



UPDATE - Ancestry has indexed this book Click here for the link

There are many books available on TROVE, and this one is a treasure of information about men who went to WW1. It contains a photo of each of them, and a short biography.  Here is an example:

 The book is a little dark,  make sure you use the controls ant the bottom to make it big enough for you to read.

It is a goldmine of information, often listing other people in the family, where they live and how old the soldier was, along with their military information.  Sometimes even an ancestor's information is given, like the one below.

The information is incomplete - it does not list EVERY soldier in WW1, and it is organised according to location, as you can see by the table of contents below.  So if you know where an ancestor lived, you may be able to find him under the name of the town.

I am working on an INDEX OF NAMES, sorted in alphabetical order according to the surname. so stay tuned for it in the free downloads.

Good hunting.


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