An English Pub in the family.

Do you have someone who was a publican in the UK in the family?  Here are some places to look for information about them, and the pub.

I have found a few ancestors who were publicans for a time in their life, and it's interesting to see if the pub is still there, or if there is historical information on them.  Firstly, how do you know if they were a publican?  Usually the occupation and possibly the name or address of the pub is listed in one of these sources:

  • Trade directories - first try Leicester University  then local library & local council in the area you are researching.
  • Census - on many free and pay sites
  • Post office Directories -
  • Electoral Registers -
  • Do a Google books search 
  • If you cannot find the town check GENUKI
To understand the history of pubs and licenses, there is a great article on Genguide to read.

Once you have a piece of information, here are some research sites that could hold information about the pub and its history:

Finally, don't forget to do a Google search on the pub once you find its name and town.  There are many sites that include this information.  This is how I found my GGG Uncle and Aunt who owned the Alexandra pub in Brentford, the search took me to a local council site that included information about the pub. 

Alexander Pub, Brentford Circa 1920


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