Speaking of British Newspapers

Here is a link to a FREE WEBINAR on British Newspapers THIS FRIDAY Sydney time.
Hopefully I will be awake enough to watch it and will post any tips I find later.



Here are some hints I picked up from the webinar.
  • Do an Advanced Search for general terms such as "immigration"or "immigrant ship" and tick "illistrated" and the year your ancestor travelled, you may find some interesting pictures.
  • Take a look at the "Illustrated London News" of 22nd January 1949 for a comprehensive view of imigration through the last 100 years.
  • Do a search for "emigration" and "immigration", "assisted emigration" , "assisted immigration"  and  "intending immigrants" around the year your ancestors traveled for advertisements for immigration.
  • Do a search for the name of the ship your ancestor travelled on, you may find a passenger list.  Also search for keyword (name of the ship) and surname.  Narrow down your date range.
  • The archives hold a newspaper called "Homeward mail from India, China and the East" .  Handy if your ancestors were stationed there, and the newspaper includes lists of people arriving, departing, and BDM's
Happy searching.


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