Finding A.C.T. Ancestors

If you are looking for a birth, death or marriage in the NSW area of Australia, don't forget the Australian Capital Territory!  Especially if you are looking in the country areas around Canberra.  The ACT does not have an online search like other states, instead they have access to excel spreadsheets. There are no Birth indexes however online.

Remember that the ACT only came into being in 1911 - up until 1930  (and indeed after!) search the NSW BDM Indexes.  

 So what is available?


A.C.T. Historical Marriage Index 1930-1982 

Available from  the National Library, as a PDF this index includes marriage registration number, names, and date of marraige.

A.C.T. Historic Death Index 1930-1986  

Also from the National Library, as a PDF this index includes death registration number, given names and surname of the deceased, the date of death and, occasionally  the given names and surnames of the deceased's father and mother.

 A.C.T Electoral Rolls 1916 — 1967

A searchable database of the electoral roll, where you can use only 3 characters if you need a broad search, or narrow down by name, occupation, address or year.

Other Options to try:

Wagga Wagga, Braidwood, Menaro, Yass, Bombala, Goulburn and Queenbeyan Newspapers on TROVE
Federal Capital (Canberra's previous name)  newspapers on TROVE
NSW Registry of BDM website  - often registrations were done in NSW
ACT Library Portal - will give you the most comprehensive list of options, including their full catalogue.

🔍  THE ACT HERITAGE LIBRARY      In Woden, the library has staff on hand who may be able to help you.

EXCEL TIPS to help you sort and search the excel spreadsheets can be found BY CLICKING HERE.  But here is the process I use:
  1. Open with Microsoft Excel
  2. Enable Editing
  3. <Ctrl F>  (find)
  4. Type in surname

  1. Open with Microsoft Excel
  2. Enable Editing
  3. Highlight whole sheet
  4. Data
  5. Sort - by any of the columns that may help you.


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