Translating from another language

Australian genealogy can be difficult, after all we are only 217 years old!  This means that you will often discover a document in a foreign language.  There are some resources on the net that can help,  the translation will not always be perfect, but is should give you a new source of information.

The first step is to work out what you need to translate - is it a webpage or document?  If you have a document, what type of document is it?  .JPEG files are the most difficult, and I would suggest you try Free Online OCR as well as  converting the jpeg into a microsft format, then using Online Traslator.  Here are some resources to use:

Bing translator    - You can enter text or a web page.  Copy and paste into the left hand box to translate.  Goes both to and from English.

Google translate  -  This will translate a document you upload as well as a piece of text.

Online Translator - translates documents you upload in PDF or Microsoft formats.  (note, not a jpeg)

Free Online OCR  -  can translate a jpeg file.

zamzar   -  Converts jpeg files into doc files.

Gramstrans -  Specialises in Scandinavian languages, text or a web page.


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