What a difference 30 years makes.

I was on Pinterest this morning, and came across two photos of dresses, 30 years apart.  But, still quite similar in many ways.

They say there is nothing new in fashion, and after going to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London I would agree.  The only new thing that comes along is a new fabric, you can really see a change once stretch fabric was invented.  Dating photos is quite an art, but the clothes people wear can help you. 
So where can you start when dating photos?
Take a look at my pinterest page for Photos & Photography  it has a lot of links to fashion through the ages, and tips on how to date photos.
Then take a look at Theresa Stelle's boards.  She is a prolific pinner and has fashion over the centuries.  (Thanks Theresa).
The Roger Vaughan Picture Library is another good resource, including photos by year 1860 to 1915.  So is the Victoria and Albert museum, and the Museum of Metropolitan Art,  both museums have enormous collections you can search through online.
Here are a few more interesting and informative links.
Archives Outside has lots of tips and tricks.
About has a 5 step process to help
Geneology .com has a good process you can use
Scan your entire life  has a great article on forensic techniques, including where to look for clues.
Roots chat has a great forum, with very helpful and knowledgeable people on it.  They will even help with fixing photos!
The other tip is to google the photo!  Yep you can search by image - here is how:
  • On your computer, visit Google Image search.
  • In the search box, click the camera
  • Click Upload an image > Choose file.
  • Select the image from your computer
  • Hit enter.
You never know what you will find.
Good searching everyone!


  1. Hey Barbara... Just wanted to say hey howdy, again, and let you know this dress is on my Pintrest page as one I want incorporated into my own wedding dress. We're getting married in June (God willing) and we both love Antiques... this goes above and beyond (or before) Vintage. LOVE IT !!! Rebecca Snider

    1. Hello Rebecca, Its a stunner isn't it? I hope your dress is beautiful too. Some of the wedding dresses inspired by the 1930's vintage seem to be "on trend" at the moment, and just gorgeous. I hope you have a wonderful day, and you must send me a photo. Thanks for reading my blog, and all the best to both of you.


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