A different Anzac day

We have been on a trip to Hawaii, and during our time in Honolulu Anzac day, in fact commemorating 100 years since the start of WW1 was happening.  After some enquiries, we found that there was an Anzac day service being held at the Punchbowl Cemetery, so of course we decided to attend. 
Being a hot morning, with lots of sunshine it was a different Anzac ceremony to what we are used to, and the usual Anzac day biscuits I make were missing.   It started at 10.30, and I estimated that at least 2000 people attended, probably more.  Here are some of the photos we took on the day.
The program
At the beginning of the ceremony

Some of the Aussie soldiers who attended
The salute party
After the ceremony
 During the ceremony, which was a very sombre affair, the Polynesian Centre laid a wreath, and performed a haka.  It lifted the spirits of everyone there.
Haka performed by the Polynesian Centre

We laid a card next to the Australian wreath, remembering our family that served their country:

The Australian ambassadors wreath, and our card.
William Ellis
11th Kings Hussars - who fought in the Charge of the Light Brigade
William Stewart Heard
4th kings own Hussars
Frederick Walter Heard
4th Hussars Machine Gun Corp WW1 France
William Stewart Heard
Royal Army Service Corp WW1 France
William James Zealey
Royal Garrison Artillery WW1 France
Arthur James Heard
USA Army WW1
Charles Henry Ellis
Royal Fusiliers WW1
Thomas Binfield
Seargeant, Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment
Killed in action, Ypres, France, WW1
Percy Hector Clark
4th Batallin AIF WW1
Herbert Holman Clark
52nd Battalion AIF
Killed in action, France, WW1
Patrick Joseph Stettler
14th Battalion AIF WW1
John Harrold Stettler
57th Battalion AIF WW1
William Stewart Heard
13th Battalion, Royal Aust. Engineers WW2
Frederick Walter Heard
13th Battalion Royal Aust. Engineers
Killed in Action, El Alamein, WW2
Reginal Ernest Heard
11th Field Company Aust. Engineers WW2
Edward John Clark
1st Battalion, AIF
Prisoner of War WW2
Ronald Percy Clark
2/16th Battalion, AIF WW2
Kenneth Russell
43rd Dental Unit AIF WW2
James William Colyer
24th Squadron, RAAF WW2


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