Quite a week for genealogy

Well it has been an interesting week with some genealogy finds:
  • As I thought, the shotgun wedding is not correct, looks like I will have to search further for Alice Zealey's parents.
  • I asked some of the people at rootschat to help, but so far no luck.
  • I found that looking on the back of photos is important too - there is one that is of my grandparents house in Auburn, and my father has written on the back "the house dad built for the family".  As he was a talented carpenter, from a long line of builders, I am not surprised.  Interesting that my husbands family lived in Albert Street, Surrey Hills when they first came to Australia, and my grandfather built his house in Albert Street, Auburn.

  •  I was contacted by a distant cousin Sue, who is related to my Great Aunt Clarissa La Farre (love that name), it was such a nice email to receive.  
  • The national archives of Aust sent me an email to say they have not got around to examining my Uncle's prisoner of war records yet.  It's been 30 days now, but they must be busy and have not forgotten me! 
  • I found this great video on youtube, itis a good video about just the problem I am having with Alice Zealey - it might help you sort out some of your issues too!

  • I am just about finished my post continuing the beginners series on immigration, so stay tuned, there are some good links in it.


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