Where to start looking for census records

Continuing the series of Genealogy for beginners, lets look at census records from outside the UK, USA or Australia

So, what if your family does not come from the UK, USA  or Australia?  Never fear! There may be census records out there.

The first place to look is to the wiki on family search.  Then click on the country you are looking for, if it is not there, chances are there are no census records. (sorry!).  If you can't find anything, go back to the main page and try searching for the country you are after.  At least this way you sill get guidance on what is available.

I have family that came from Ukraine, and there are no census records for this part of the world.  But if your ancestors came from Canada you may have more luck!

The next step, if you find no joy on family search, is to check the national archives of the country you need.  These will usually have a search function, so try searching for "family history" or  "census" and see what you can find out.  you may need translation for this, just right click and then click on <translation with bing>.  Or just go to google and search for census records and the country you need - eg <census records Ukraine>.

Sometimes you just will not find any census records, and you will have to look for other types of records.  Sometimes you may just get lucky, after all, the word census originated in Rome and the Romans were taking census when Jesus was born.  So don't give up, keep searching.

Marble Roman artwork, Census Frieze, 2nd century BC. From the Campo Marzio, Rome


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