And more libraries than I ever knew existed

Who knew there were libraries that have so many e-books?  Thanks to Genies Down Under for letting us know about the Yarra library e-books on genealogy.  This library has all the old Ancestry Magazines, that are packed with tips and tricks, these are also available on Google Books.

Library's hold lots of secrets, here is an example of a newspaper advertisement from Ireland I found on the Mitchel Library site:

Searching on this site led me to "The Genealogists Internet by Peter Christian - a great resource which lists LOTS of websites.  I have put a link on the right of this page under Internet Sites, take a look when you have a bit of time.  Mostly it is UK centred.

The NSW State Library has lots of e-books as well, and it is easy to join up.  So happy hunting in the library.  Did you know the Library has a fantastic list of Lifelong Learning courses?  Several are devoted to genealogy research.  I've just booked into "Reading Yesterday's News", all about researching using the library's newspapers.  I will update the blog with the results next week.



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