A weekend well spent

Well, I managed to download lots of documents from Ancestry over the long weekend, despite heading off to Queensland on the Monday.  I find it quite frustrating that I cant access any of then on Ancestry unless I pay for another membership.  Even though I had a valid membership when I attached them to my tree.   For this reason Legacy is my no.1 place for all documents and information.  


When I use Ancestry (now only when it is free! )here is what  I do:

  • If I am in a hurry - save the document in legacy under a file called "todo", and call it by the name of the senior person, 1,2, etc. - then come back to them later.

  If I am not in such a hurry:

  1.  Check the 'hint' information to make sure it is my ancestor.
  2. Open the document in the viewer.
  3. 'Save As' and save it to my computer under the first or most senior person on it (eg. census information has several people).  I do this under their file 'legacy pictures' in the program 'legacy'
  4. Put the details of the event, source and the picture of the document into Legacy under the senior person.
  5. THEN I save it to the person in my tree on ancestry.
  6. Make a note on my post-it notes on the computer so I can come back and continue to use the source document, and follow up.

So now I have to check the documentation on at least 7 people that I downloaded to Legacy, and lots of work to do.  I will go through them one by one and update all the people in the documents.  Mostly these were electoral rolls, so they will give me an idea of addresses for a lot of my Clark family in particular.

Unfortunately, Ancestry is the only place you can find Australian electoral rolls online, so there is no alternative.  It is a pity though, that our government archives are only accessible this way.  I know that this is because Ancestry partners with govt. departments and uses its technology to get them there, but I do object to their monopoly.

So my next person to really take a good look at is my Uncle Roy, its about time I tracked down the coroners report on his death..............


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