There is always something new to find.

Found a great new site today, its called Genealogy in time Here is what they say about themselves:

GenealogyInTime Magazine is the most popular online genealogy magazine and one of the largest free genealogy websites in the world. Everything is free, including powerful genealogy search engines, a popular genealogy toolbar, listings of the latest ancestral records, in-depth articles and several other helpful tools and resources.

There seems to be lost of free resources on this site, and as I explore it I will let you know what I find, but I recommend signing up for their newsletter as a start.

What I liked about it is the page with the latest Australian online resources, here I found that the National Archives are looking for transcribers, and as I have a bit of time now and again I joined and have transcribed my first page.  Here is a link to begin transcribing if you are inclined to do so (it is very easy!)

How easy is it to transcribe - Super easy.  It took me 5 minutes of typing to do 1 page, it looks like this:

Although Character recognition had been used to translate this as a starting point, I found that it was easier for me to just re-type the whole thing.



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