I want a wayback machine for ME!

Today I am going to document some of my favourite sites, firstly one that is from the old to the new:

Search for old internet pages, music, books and more.....
This is a great site, it has the wayback machine, and over 4 million books digitised.
What is the wayback machine?  This can give you access to old versions of internet pages.
You can download books and search books for your ancestor.  I've only just begun to use this site, but I think it will end up being an important part of my research. 

You can also upload your own book to the site!

To use it, just search on the top left hand corner search box.

One function I love is Post it Notes that you can add to pages as you go through a book.

Document your grave sites
Billion Graves have a great I phone ap that allows you to take a photo of a gravesite, it will GPS it, and upload it to billiongraves.  You need to register on the website so that you can use the app.

Irish research
National archives of Ireland is my first point of call for Irish records.  Go to: http://www.nationalarchives.ie/

Put your own book online
http://www.scribd.com/  is a fantastic site that allows you to put your own family history online.   I just uploaded the military history of the Clark and Heard extended families.  The great thing is you can revise the book and upload the latest version as you find more information etc.

If I had my own wayback machine would I travel back in time to fix my mistakes?
I would, but....would things be better or worse? 
Would I be myself today is the question! 
I may look better though.



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