Fishing for the Fisher family - caught at last.

I have an ancestor Isabella Fisher - check out this photo of her taken in Auburn, she looks pretty forbidding.

I know who Isabella's parents were from her marriage certificate, they were Robert Fisher and Susan Stanway, but I have hit a brickwall finding out who they were, or when the family came to Australia.
I've search everywhere I can think off, so what now?  Well, I am going to try some message boards and forums.
I posted on the Australian Ancestry, which I found a bit frustrating until I found a button on the bottom left :Change to flat view.  Use this to see all the comments on one page, much easier!

then I posted on  This is much easier to use and view, and I know the people who read it are very knowledgeable.

While there I came across this link:
Its a fantastic atlas of Australia in 1886, and contains information about every town.
Here is what it says about St Marys:

It pays to look around on these sites!  This one is part of the National Library of Australia.

Success!  before I could finish this post the brains trust at Roots Web have found the marriage of Isabellas parents on TOVE.  AND if found a great tip for searching on TOVE.

To find this marriage, rosball (many thanks to this person) searched for "fisher stanway"~4
(within 4 words).

A great tip.
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