I know those cousins are out there somewhere.....

My mother always told me that I had cousins in America, and I had a vague idea that the Heard family had immigrated there.

Thanks to Ancestry I have found that part of the family.  William Stewart Heard had 8 children, and at least one of them immigrated to the U.S.  his name was Arthur James Heard, and he married Violet Kate Oliver from England (in England) and they had eight children.  Here is a picture of Arthur and Violet.

This is the advantage of Ancestry I think, being able to hook up with other trees and find out more.  They lived in Michigan, and look a lovely couple.
So, I have sent off a note to the person on who's tree I found them, here's hoping they get in touch back.
Arthur's obit was very interesting and has give me some clues:
So, somewhere there is an Elizabeth Moss (nee Heard) in an Australian tree, and now I am searching for her family....
Found her, on another ancestry tree, so I have sent off another contact to see if I can find my cousin.  Heres hoping.  Here is Elizabeth Heard, born 1883, in England, died in 1951 at Lilyfield, NSW, Australia.
Lizzie Heard


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