Nothing happens when you sit at home, so take an Iphone with you.

I'm here in Hawaii, and i have never used my phone more than this.  Not for phone calls, but for taking photos.  I considered buying a new digital camera, as our old one is only 6 pixels, but opted for the phone instead - it already has a 12 pixel camera so why buy a new one?

I must admit I was quite sceptical, but I have mastered the taking of photos and posting to facebook within a day.  Its very cool, and the quality of the photos is great.  The cost of digit roaming is expensive though!  I will have to stop posting for now as I have run out of digital money on my phone plan.   But it has been great fun.

For our trip over to the UK next year, I am going to go with a phone clear of photos, and take my genealogy photos on the phone.  Its quite easy to then transfer them to a small laptop if I start to run out of room. 

So get out there, take some photos, and experiment until you get confident.

So of you are going on a trip for gen purposes, just take the phone and snap all those documents, and places on your phone.

Here is a panoramic view I took on the I phone, its the first panoramic I have ever done with it, not bad I think:

The view from our balcony, right on Waikiki Beach.


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