Things you must take on a holiday.

Well, that was the worst birthday I ever had.  Did I go to Kempsey and look at the graves of my ancestors -No.  Did I spend 3 fabulous days in the Hunter Valley - No.  Did I get any presents -No.
and it goes on.....

What did happen is that I got quite sick with some sort of virus.  I could hardly talk let along go searching graveyards.  This brings me to the subject of the post, what I daydeamed about in bed.  My list of essential things to take on a holiday, especially overseas.  Here they are:
  1. Sards Wonder Soap - much better than anything else for hand washing clothes, and takes up no room at all.  Also, will not burst out and go over all your clothes in a suitcase.
  2. Blow up coathangers - buy them in any travel shop, wash a t shirt in the evening and it will dry overnight because the coathangers keep the two halves seperated.
  3. zip lock plastic bags - at least 3 large and 3 small - these are for everything from wet costumes to dirty shoes.  Also good for when you have a lot to fit into a suitcase, roll the air out of them, then zip.
  4. Baby wipes - will get food and other stains out of clothes immediately, and double as wipes for taking off makeup, and fresheners on the plane.
  5. Power board - so you only need one special plug, and you can plug all the phone etc. chargers in.
  6. Antiseptic wipes - for just about any occassion.
  7. Glad ice cube bags, fab for when you want to take a picnic somewhere, or for ice in drinks. Find out what i mean:
Hope this helps anyone who reads the blog, it will act as my memory jogger.
I should feel better soon.................


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