OK - so I am a pearl thief!

So here are my latest favourite websites:

Pearltrees is really a big favourites organiser - but a powerful one.  It allows you to organise every website you want visually.  I love it.  No more trawling through favourites, I just use pealtrees.  I organise my geneology sites by geography, plus a couple of other bits, called worldwide. 
To use this site, just sign up and then start adding sites, you will soon see they group together, and its quite easy to then start a new pearltree in your original pearltree.

But here is the great bit......you can steal other peoples pearls!  and it's OK!
Be sure to name your pearl trees something relevant - like genealogy or interior design.  Then go to the top left of the site and you will see "related interests"  click on this and you will find other trees with the same interest.  You can then just right click a pearl you are interested in, and "pick" it to put it into your pearltree.
Simple as that, you steal other peoples pearls.  Of course, they will steal yours too, its a great community.  I have even had people steal a whole tree full of my links.

Is a great way of organising websites, and sharing them with lots of people.

My other favourite site, pinterest, is also a visual site.  You can pin pictures and organise them into pinboards.  Take a look, not very genealogy related, just fun.

Here is my latest pin:

So 7 people have already reviewed it, and 6 repined it to their own boards. 

Its a very inspirational site, I get lots of ideas from it.



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