Michelangelo said : I'm still learning.

Once you have lots of information, many birth certificates etc. then storage of those paper items becomes an 'issue'.  I have always stored my information linked back to the MIR numbers used in Legacy.  This system works well, but I do not have a numbers brain.

I'm going to go to a different system which combines the numbers and words and visual part of my brain.  Ive realised I'm much more visual than I thought I was.  I am addicted to site called pinterest.com and my son said to me - "but that's just a way of saving your favourites" How right he is!  But I can find what I am looking for much easier, because there is a picture!

So here is the new system I am implementing.
  • Each surname will have a folder, maybe a couple of surnames in some.
  • The surname will go on the spine via a printed sticker - easy to pick up the right one.
  • Surname means the maiden name for females. - this is an important distinction.
  • Inside will be each person in an alphabetical order, according to the first name.
  • I'm going to create a printed title page for each person with:
    • name
    • Date of birth
    • Photo or a phrase that helps recognise them (eg. Lived in Surrey)
    • RIN number linked back to Legacy.
  • Then in Legacy, I have created a 'Event' called 'FOLDER' - in the first line of the event, under 'DESCRIPTION' I put the surname folder the documents for this person are in.  That way I can easily find the information on a person by looking in legacy, and be sure it is the right person by linking to the RIN number.
The most important thing about this is the picture, or in Lieu of that, the phrase.  If it is a phrase, put it in large, different font (see a couple of examples below) and it will help.  and make the RIN number big, and in a different colour.  This should help the visual me link with the numeric - or right and left brains.


So this is my project for the next couple of weeks.  And I think I'm going to get serious about conservation.  Here is a link to  'Archive Survival' who have all the archive certified stationery you will ever need.  I found that they have the cheapest A4 sleeves I found online at the right quality - 100 cost $A40, whereas other sites had the same quantity for $A200.  Quite a difference. 

Well lets see how it goes, and remember what Michelangelo said......I'm Still Learning.


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