An enlightening book on TROVE

I came accross this book from a facebook post, it is FREE and on TROVE.  If you have early Australian ancestors you may find them in this book.


The book only includes FAMILIES IN THE MALE LINE WHICH ARRIVED IN ANY PART OF AUSTRALIA BEFORE 1838.  It does not appear to include an convicts although the forward does not specifically say they are excluded.

There is an index that starts on page 193, so it should be easy to see if your family is included.  Each person has a short paragraph about them, including when they came to Australia, what occupation they had, and where they purchased land.  Then there is an extensive genealogy (in some cases several pages) for that person, so if your family is included it is a wealth of information.  Here is a sample page-

If you you use this source, remember to site it as follows :
Harvard/Australian citation
Mowle, P. C. 1948, A genealogical history of pioneer families of Australia Angus and Robertson, Sydney viewed 1 January 2018

Good luck, I hope some of my readers find the family they are looking for in this wonderful book.



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